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A 2004 Research has proven that Porimore have improved sperm quality factors such as volume,motility and morphology to a higher level then before the reseaech ,the result of the research have shown that pregnancy rate increases. A study in 2004 showed that over 300 infertile men got a significant effect in pregnancy rate after taking PoriMore. Its rate was 23% whereas in Placebo it was 2%. Several studies have shown significant success in double-blind placebo-controlled trials. Where it is reported that the increase of sperm motility with sub-optimal motility.

The motility of sperm improves because it gets long chain fatty acid for energy production and PoriMore provides acetyl groups for utilization in the Krebs cycle. The improvement of metabolic activity contributes for the optimization of energy production as well as it increases motility.

It has been deciphered that one of the major causes of infertility is due to ROS or Reactive Oxygen Species. The ROS lies in that metabolites group which is not stable and it is extremely reactive chemically. One or more than one electron is unpaired which lead it to be very much reactive.
The infertility problem is caused by this high level of ROS which affect the motility, viability and metabolism of sperm.

Following chemical are the cause of male fertility
  • Hydroxyl radical
  • Hydrogen peroxide (main cause to produce sperm.)
  • Superoxide anion

ROS overproduction may be resulted from
  • Urogenital tract infections
  • Vasectomy reversal
  • Varicocele (Dilatation of the veins associated with the spermatic cord in the testes)

ROS overproduction may be resulted from seminal oxidative strain and subsequently the sperm
functions as sub optimally. As a result some problem occurs.

  • Apoptosis (A type of cell death)
  • Poor sperm attention, motility and the morphology
  • Deprived fertilizing capacity

Several studies show that oxidative stress has a correlation with:
  • Diminution in overall sperm production.
  • Motility of sperm is decreased due the impairment of energy production.
  • Acrosome impairment occurs because of protein fractious-linking and the lipid per oxidation
  • Impairment of the sperm-oocyte fusion because of loss of membrane variability
  • Sperm DNA fragmentation
  • Abnormality in sperm morphology

ROS Level and the In Vitro Fertilization

The research has revealed that the ROS level affects the success of the in vitro fertilization.

  • Higher level of ROS had been linked to the DNA fragmentation
  • DNA fragmentation is linked with poor results of ART (assisted reproductive techniques.)

PoriMore elements are scientifically proven to considerably

Porimore works in a good manner when ROS overproduction is occurred. Consequently male fertility increases. Certain vitamins presenting in Porimore fight against ROS and the antioxidant belongings of the L-carnitine, Vitamin C and B12, coenzyme Q10, and acetyl-carnitine; and these will help the sperm metabolism. Fructose will provide required energy for the cells. For semen production Zinc is very important and studies have given that seminal level of zinc in infertile man is lower than that of fertile man. For sperm motility selenium works and for the improvement of sperm health folic acid is very important. All these ingredients have proved for the improvement of the condition of semen. A statistical data is shown here:

  • In 62% cases decrease in the ROS production occurred in the nonbacterial chronic Epididymitis of patients.
  • In 78% cases decreased in the ROS production in the Epididymitis patients cared with the acetyl-L Carnitine.
  • Important reduction in the basal and the FMLP-stimulated the ROS in the PVE patients associated with the normal seminal WBC.


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